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An Overview of Five Popular Industrial Hoses and Their Applications

The term, “industrial hoses” refers to a wide range of hoses used to transfer things like liquid chemicals, water, waste gases, production materials, dust, debris, and much more. Here we will discuss five common types of industrial hose.

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Get Introduced to 5 Important Types of Industrial Hoses

Among many things, industrial hoses are sometimes referred to by their designs, materials, and applications. The designs and materials may vary across industries, but applications are often similar. The following are a few popular types of hoses based on their application.

  • Exhaust Hoses: From chemical processing facilities to service garages, business owners understand the importance of building safe work environments for their workers. Hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide in the exhaust of diesel engines are known to cause severe health issues if working areas are not properly ventilated. This is where exhaust hoses can help. They are designed to safely ventilate exhaust gases produced during chemical processes or by combustion of vehicles. Unlike other hoses on this list, these hoses are specially designed to withstand high temperatures and chemicals otherwise known to damage other hoses. Rubber is the most common material for making these hoses, because it assures flexibility, durability, and a broad range of chemical resistance. There are also specially designed fabric and wire hoses that can be used for the purpose.

  • Breathing Safety Hoses: People working in hazardous and mission-critical applications often use reliable breathing hoses for breathing. Being used for such vital purposes, the systems that these hoses are attached to normally meet NIOSH standards for use in industrial breathing applications. Industrial breathing hoses can be made from a wide range of materials such as nitrile, butyl, EPDM, or neoprene rubber as well as HDPE, PVC, or other plastics. Specialty materials can offer flame-retardance to meet the requirements of high-temperature environments or specific chemical resistance if necessary.

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  • Material Transfer Hoses: Everyone from farmers to food processors to furniture manufacturers need tubing to move large amounts of small material from one area to another. In agriculture, a series of tubes might move seeds or pelletized fertilizer. In other industries it could insulation, raw materials, filler, production byproducts that need added to or removed from a given area. The applications are almost endless, but some common requirements are a smooth interior, abrasion resistance, some pressure and/or vacuum rating, and reasonable flexibility to move around tight spaces. Some applications require antistatic properties so as not to build up a potentially deadly electrical load inside the tube.

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  • Drain Hoses: These are designed to carry wastewater from drains and equipment like washing machines, floor cleaning machines, CNC or other milling equipment, and so on. As you may be aware of, wastewater produced by machines may contain chemicals, which may damage regular hoses. Thus, these industrial hoses are made from flexible and durable materials like EPDM that can withstand chemicals and temperature variations. They may be capped for use with a tank that needs drained at specific times, or could be a continuous flow connection.

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  • Boots, Sleeves, and Covers: Moving parts and articulating joints are commonplace in industry. Protecting those parts and the people around them is critical for both equipment life and worker safety. Durable, flexible rubber parts solve both problems in a cost-effective fashion.

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As seen in the above examples, industrial hoses and tubing perform the fluid transfer, with slight differences across industry. Thus, investing in good quality industrial hoses and tubing becomes important. Ensure to source them from trusted brands like Crushproof Tubing Company. The company has been designing and manufacturing quality industrial hoses for several years now. It has served its clients in automotive, military, and medical industries for many years. The company provides all types of hoses covered in this post in custom specifications. If you are looking for hoses such as CBRN hoses, exhaust hoses, or diving hoses with custom specifications, you can get in touch with the experts at the company. They have been successfully delivering performance-driven custom rubber hoses since its inception.

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