Breathing Hoses and Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing currently makes breathing hoses and tubes for many applications including extreme environmental suits, fire safety suits, military gas masks, and first responder equipment. The diversity of rubber compounds available to us allows us to use just the right blend in each of our breathing hoses and tubes. This ability to manufacture high quality hoses that meet a wide variety of specifications has made us the supplier of choice for some of the biggest names in the breathing safety business for decades.Special cuff sizing is another critical Crushproof® Tubing advantage because our tubes and hoses will fit different couplings and connectors on each side; cleanly, snugly, and securely. No more awkward, rough, and unprofessional looking connections that put the end user at risk.

We offer both fixed length and stretch style hoses with annular or spiral convolutions. Stretch hoses have up to a 1:4 compressed to stretch ratio, making them extremely flexible. Rubber types include butyl, neoprene, nitrile, and EPDM. Colors are available so please call about pricing and availability.

Types of Breathing Air Hoses at Crushproof Tubing

Our breathing air hoses and tubes can be made from many different materials including butyl, EPDM, nitrile, or neoprene rubber, as well as HDPE and LDPE plastic, and are available in different colors. We currently provide the following design options for our breathing air hoses and tubes:

  • Annular or spiral convolutions
  • Fixed length or stretchable
  • Lengths from 2” to 10’
  • Diameters from 3/8” and up with nearly limitless size options
  • Cuffs may be of a different diameter than the overall hose
  • Oval shaped tubes that lay flat against the body while in use
  • Assembly services if you need more than just a tube

Beneficial Features of Breathing Air Hoses and Tubes at Crushproof Tubing

There are many advantages of buying breathing air hoses from us:

  • Our breathing air hoses are available in flame retardant material, making them suitable for various extreme applications where most hoses will fail.
  • Diverse material options allow us to use the right blend for your application.
  • We can do assembly of different components that connect to the hose.
  • We can meet NATO AEP54 and NIOSH CBRN standards for mustard and sarin gas applications.
  • Our rubber hoses have a crushproof design, which means they will not break if they are hit, compressed, or even driven over.
  • Special cuff sizing is one of the major advantages offered by our tubes and hoses. This means they will easily fit different connectors and couplings on each side, cleanly, snugly, and securely. No more rough, awkward, and unprofessional looking connections, which can put the end user at risk.
  • Great lead times! Average for production runs is three to four weeks. Custom samples ship in about a week!
  • Our stretch hoses are provided in 1:4 compressed to stretch ratio, which improves their flexibility.
  • We can provide tubes with thin or thick walls, short or long, and in diameter sizes ranging from 3/8ʺ to 6 ʺ in any of our materials.
  • No tooling charges for the vast majority of custom projects, and they are minimal if we do need to charge them.
  • Our breathing air hoses and tubes can be easily decontaminated as they remain unaffected by sterilizing agents. Rubber tubes can be autoclaved as well.
  • Our custom samples are made with our production material and tooling, so your ordered product will be exactly like what you have reviewed and tested.

Applications of Breathing Air Hoses and Tubes

Our breathing air hoses are meant for people working in hazardous, risky, or mission-critical applications. We currently provide breathing air hoses and tubes for the following applications:

  • Extreme Environmental Suits
  • Fire Safety Suits
  • Military Gas Masks
  • Fire Responder Equipment
  • Industrial Respiration
  • Welding/Grinding Hoods and Masks

Crushproof Tubing is dedicated to producing the highest quality hoses available and we are ISO9001:2015 certified. Our breathing air hoses and tubes can handle the harshest environments and applications on the planet…or in outer space. We proudly source all our raw materials from US suppliers to maintain quality and reduce lead times. All these features have made us a supplier of choice for many of the biggest names in the breathing safety business in the US, Canada, and around the world. Please contact one of our experts today to ask about free drawings, free samples, and amazingly fast and friendly service. Solving your problems is our business.

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