Stretchable Drain Hoses & Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing provides drain hoses, tubes, and caps to some of the biggest names in the floor cleaning industry. We provide them with creative design solutions, great lead times, and low prices for their custom parts. The flexibility and durability are superior to plastic and offer a great value to the end user.

Our custom drain hoses and tube options mean that we can fit almost any machine out there at quantities as low as 250 without tooling or set-up charges. If smaller quantities are needed, we have distributors who are able to help, and we can also make smaller runs with a set-up charge.

For more demanding applications we offer features and solutions others can’t. Our rubber parts are available with bend radii as low as zero, and you can’t get any better than that. They can also handle temperatures of up to 300º F and have full flexibility down to -40º F.

For custom parts at not-so-custom pricing, check-out our Build-A-Hose page to get your free, custom sample to your door in about a week! We take great pride in providing high quality solutions to complex manufacturing problems at fair pricing. Give us a shot today…what do you have to lose?

Types of Drain Hoses and Tubes Available at Crushproof Tubing

At Crushproof Tubing, we provide stretchable drain hoses and tubes in different configurations to meet diverse application requirements. The following are a few popular types of tubes available with us.

  • Washing Machine Drain Hoses: Made of 100% solid EPDM rubber, our washer drain hoses are designed to fit different machines. These laundry drain hoses require no cutting or gluing, and are easy to clamp.
  • Floor Cleaning Drain Hoses: We can provide these hoses in polyethylene or rubber construction, which means we have options no matter what your design calls for!
  • Industrial Drain Hoses: Whether you need custom length, color, or material; light or heavy duty; stiff or stretch style; we have options to meet your needs. These hoses can easily withstand moisture, detergents, and a broad range of chemicals, and are proven to assure long term performance in adverse environments.

Features and Benefits of Custom Drain Hoses and Tubes Available at Crushproof Tubing

  • Our laundry drain hoses can withstand vibrations when the machine is being operated.
  • They do not crack or loosen easily and can be easily removed during machine replacement and relocation.The floor cleaning drain hoses are available in different custom profiles, diameters, lengths, and colors of your choice.
  • Available with a smooth interior that assures excellent flow characteristics for any type of fluid transfer.
  • They can be provided with end customization such as swivel, cap, friction fit cuff, and so on.
  • Available with a fixed length or up to 4:1 stretch ratio.
  • We can make free custom samples so there no risk to try us out!

Common Applications

  • Commercial washing machines
  • Industrial parts washers
  • Floor cleaning equipment like:
    • Scrubbers
    • Extractors
    • Dry and wet vacuum cleaners

Please check our Build-A-Hose page to request a free and custom hose sample. Feel free to reach us on email or phone to discuss your requirements for industrial drain hoses. Our team would be happy to assist you.

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