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Military Industry

Hoses and tubing are an integral part of the military sector for various functions and equipment. It is a matter of pride and honor for all of us at the Crushproof Tubing Company to manufacture hoses, tubing, and other related parts for the military sector. Our tubes and hoses are designed to work in the harsh environments and demanding situations required by armed forces worldwide. Our tubes and hoses are durable, tough, and yet flexible. We offer a wide range of military hoses and tubing products in custom specifications.

Application Areas of Our Products in Military

At Crushproof, we have a variety of hoses and military tubing products most commonly made of Butyl, EPDM or HDPE in variable lengths and diameters. Our tubes and hoses are applicable in the following areas of military:

    • Breathing Safety:

Our breathing hoses are essential for military personnel working in hazardous environments. Manufactured from butyl and/or EPDM our tubes meet or exceed NBC/CBRN safety parameters and can be manufactured to meet the requirements of each application with no tooling costs. One of the most common applications is military gas masks and PAPR Systems. The gas mask hoses or gas mask tubing provided by us are proven to withstand harsh working environments and have been used by military and defense forces for decades. Our air breathing hoses can also be manufactured with flame retardants for the forces working in hazardous environments and for protection from fire.

    • Potable Ventilation, Heating, and Cooling Units:

Our inflation, blower, drain and air intake hoses and tubes can work in mobile HVAC installations, inside vehicles as an air intake hose, draining fluids from equipment, tanks, or reservoirs, or directing air to a portable satellite. They are also used in military vehicles for exhaust extraction. Additionally, these systems are portable and can be moved from one location to other.

    • Ducting:

The demand for lightweight ducting is growing, and our flexible intake tubing is applicable in this segment. Ducting is a crucial part of the air conveyance process for military aircraft of various types. Our flexible ducting hoses are applicable for high as well as low pressure ducting.

    • Prevention from Chemical Attacks:

Our gas mask and PAPR Systems hoses are applicable in this segment. Made of butyl rubber, these masks can be customized for any application and protect the forces against chemical attacks. These flexible masks with a low bend radii are made in compliance with the NATO AEP54 and NIOSH CBRN standards

    • Vehicle Diesel Engine Exhaust Extraction:

Most military vehicles use diesel as fuel and are driven on harsh terrains. Our rubber exhaust hoses are essential in keeping your personnel safe from carbon monoxide poisoning when performing maintenance on these vehicles.

    • Protection of Equipment Components:

We make rubber bellows in a variety of sizes for this purpose in the military industry. Our bellows protect things like hydraulic equipment actuators, shifts, rods, etc. from dust, contamination, damage, and all the harsh environmental parameters they may be subjected to.

    • Protection of Sensitive Equipment:

Our boots and bellows find application in this area. They are made of plastic or rubber and help protect from shock and pinch points on sensitive equipment.

The tubing and hoses made by Crushproof Tubing for military applications have extreme precision and durability. We are focused on quality and have an ISO 9001:2015 certification. We offer superior-quality, lightweight, durable hoses and tubing required for military equipment and activities. We are experts at customizing based on your requirements and have market experience of over 70 years. We are honored to serve the military in our own way and can safely assure the kind of quality and timeliness required in this sector. You can take advantage of our customization feature by contacting us through our Build–a-Hose form. You can enter your requirements here and a free custom sample and quote will be delivered within a week.