Custom OEM Hose

Flexible Hose, Tubing, Bellows, Boots & Sleeves

Air Intake Hoses, Farm Tubes, Custom Hose for Military, Medical, Diving & More

Whether you are looking for a custom hose or flexible tubing for your OEM application, Crushproof® Tubing Company has the solution for you. Since 1949, Crushproof® has made its mark on the world of flexible hoses. We created the first ever crush-proof garage exhaust hose and then expanded our line greatly. For OEM applications we can custom create whatever you are looking for from a specialized rubber hose, to an air intake hose, or even a farm tube. If you need a crush-proof, flexible hose we are the place to turn.

After more than sixty years in the industry, we have learned what our customers want and what the marketplace demands. As a customer of Crushproof® Tubing, we assure you that you will always receive fast, professional service and extremely competitive pricing on top quality products at all quantity levels. We offer expert advice and a wide variety of product options. If you need a sample, that’s no problem. We provide samples, made right the first time with no tooling costs! Our clients range from large conglomerates to very small Mom & Pop start-ups. Work with us and you won’t be disappointed. Give us a problem and we’ll find a solution…FAST!

Whatever type of custom hose or flexible hose you need, we can make it for you on time, on budget, and to your specifications. For even more convenience, you also have the option to design your own flexible hose online right through our Build-A-Hose page. All of our products are made in McComb, Ohio from domestically produced rubber compounds. So put American ingenuity and products to work for you.

Work with us and you won’t be disappointed. From Fortune 500 companies to 3 man entrepreneurs, we work with everyone. Give us a problem and we’ll find a solution…FAST!

Custom Hoses

Safety Hose

Breathing Hoses and Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing currently makes breathing hoses and tubes for many applications.

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Long Sleeve

Boots & Sleeves

When you are looking for custom rubber bellows and rubber sleeves, look no further than Crushproof® Tubing.

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Air Intake Hose and Tubing

Air Intake Hose & Tubing

Air intake hoses from Crushproof® Tubing are the answer to awkward, rough, and loose connections on your air intake system.

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Stretchable Rebreather Tubes

Diving Rebreather & BC

Crushproof® Tubing has been making scuba hoses for some of the biggest names in the diving industry for decades.

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Farm and Seed Tubes

Farm & Seed Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing has been manufacturing grain, drill, and transfer farm and seed tubes for the agriculture industry for almost 50 years.

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Stretchable Drain Hoses

Stretchable Drain Hoses & Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing provides drain hoses, tubes, and caps to some of the biggest names in the floor cleaning industry.

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Military Gas Mask Hoses

Gas Mask Hoses

Everyone at Crushproof® Tubing is proud to support our troops in any way we can, and we are fortunate to play an important role in keeping them safe.

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Rubber Hose and Tubing for Medical Industry

Medical Rubber Tubing and Hose

Crushproof® Tubing supplies external gas transfer and protective hoses for the medical industry.

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Piston Rod Bellows


Our rubber bellows are great for rod assemblies, shafts, general part protection, air movement, and anywhere up to a 4:1 stretch ratio is needed.

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Fabric and Wire Exhaust Hose

Fabric and wire exhaust

High-quality fabric and wire hoses. Temperature ranges up to 2000° F. Diameters up to 36”.

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Dip Moding Process Bellows

Dip Molding Process Bellows

We make flexible, durable and cost-effective parts in all shapes and sizes. We specialize in small to medium volume runs.

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Flexible Plastic Hose

Flexible Plastic Tubing and Hose

Custom profiles, colors, diameters, and features. A variety of fixed length and stretch capabilities for any application.

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Air Seeder Hose

Air Seeder Hose

Our Zebra Seeder air seeder hoses set the standard in value and performance. Standard ID’s from 1” to 2.5”. Custom colors and sizes available.

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Speciality Bellows

Specialty Bellows

Thousands of ID and OD combinations in round, square and rectangular shapes. We custom manufacture to your specifications and many material options.

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