Garage Exhaust Hose Tubing Line

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real problem in the automotive service industry, and opening windows and doors does NOT provide adequate ventilation to protect workers and customers alike from this potentially fatal gas. Our rubber garage exhaust hoses provide real solutions to carbon monoxide poisoning that plastic and metal substitutes cannot. Neither offers the combination of durability, heat resistance, flexibility, and value that Crushproof® Tubing garage exhaust hoses can. We offer solutions for vehicles of all sizes and types, from small gas hybrid cars to diesel semi trucks with 8″ OD stacks. Along with the standard tubing we also provide replacement reel and dynamometer hoses, telescoping units, and a complete line of adapters, connectors, Y-assemblies, and door ports to properly outfit almost any garage. Call us today to find a dealer near you! 800.654.6858


Why is Crushproof® Exhaust Hose better?

  • Garage Exhaust Hose and Garage Exhaust Tubing with more adapters
  • Garage Exhaust Hose is so crush-proof that even a semi won’t break it
  • 2″- 6″ standard sizing
  • Overhead, underground, or on the floor…we fit any application
  • 11′ lengths connect easily…replace a single garage exhaust hose and not the entire garage exhaust tubing system
  • Flarelock systems allow connections without additional parts

Carbon Monoxide can kill, and this short video explains why and how that can happen in your shop.

NEW!!! LightScope 643. At just 19lbs, it is a lightweight, durable, out-of-the-box telescoping exhaust hose solution that installs in minutes to your existing overhead system.