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Garage Exhaust Hose Tubing Line

Maintaining clean air in a working environment is important for the health and safety of workers involved in the automotive service industry. Hazardous chemicals that escape through the exhaust of diesel engines, especially carbon monoxide, bring serious health issues to those who are inhaling it continuously. Opening windows and doors of the garage does not provide adequate ventilation to protect workers and customers alike from this potentially fatal gas. An efficient and cost-effective solution to remove harmful automotive fumes from your garage is by using an automotive exhaust hose . At Crushproof Tubing, you can find rubber exhaust hose or fabric and wire exhaust hoses that are specifically designed and developed to direct poisonous exhaust fumes out of the area efficiently.

Types of Garage Exhaust Hose We Offer at Crushproof Tubing

Our rubber exhaust hoses for garage outperform plastic and metal substitutes when it comes to removing carbon monoxide poisoning. With the right combination of durability, heat resistance, flexibility, our solid rubber options work in a wide variety of garages and with overhead, out-the-door, and under-floor systems. We at Crushproof Tubing offer the right solutions for vehicles of all sizes and types, from small gas hybrid cars to diesel semi-trucks with 8″ OD stacks.

Following are a few of the popular types of garage exhaust hoses we offer to customers.

  • FLARE-LOK® HOSE: The hose features a flared end, which can be used to connect tubes of multiple lengths. These systems allow connections without additional parts. These hoses are available in the following configurations:
    • FLT200 2″ ID X 11’ Length
    • FLT250 2.5″ ID X 11’ Length
    • FLT300 3″ ID X 11’ Length
    • FLT400 4″ID X 11’ Length
  • ACT HOSE: These garage exhaust hoses can resist aging, heat, gasoline, fumes, and oil. They are ideal for carbon monoxide exhaust, as well as chemical fume extraction, fume exhaust, paint spray extraction, and other applications.
    • ACT400 4” ID X 11’ Length
    • ACT400W11 4” ID X 11’ With Wire
    • ACT500 5” ID X 11’ Length
    • ACT500W11 5” ID X 11’ With Wire
    • ACT600 6” ID X 11’ Length
    • ACT600W11 6” ID X 11’ With Wire
  • 20 FOOT OPTIONS: As the name suggests, these hoses are 20 foot long, and available in the following configurations.
    • 40-20 4” ID X 20’ Length
    • 50-20 5” ID X 20’ Length
  • MODOR Hose: These Multipurpose Over-head Drop or Reel series hose are ideal for reel applications, as well as overhead drop systems. MODOR hose is 20′ of lightweight fabric and wire hose combined with 5′ of 100% rubber exhaust hose and comes with an adapter. The design of this high temperature vehicle exhaust hose helps it withstand high temperatures and heavy impacts. These hoses are rated to 570⁰F.
  • LightScope 643: This is a lightweight telescoping exhaust hose solution that can be easily installed in a few minutes. The hose requires no additional accessories and fits most existing overhead systems.
  • Specialty Hoses: Being a trusted exhaust tubing supplier, we are committed to provide a complete range of exhaust hoses for every situation. The following are a few specialty hoses provided by us:
  • Dyno Hose: These hoses are specially designed for use with dynamometers, and are perfect for applications where crush-proof construction is required.
  • Superflex Hose: These hoses are distinguished by their accordion-like design, which prevents bending and kinking under tight bends. The hoses are ideal for overhead applications.
  • High Temperature Solutions: We supply fabric and wire options for overhead systems that can go from 600F to 2000F to meet the needs of even the most challenging applications.

Along with the above-discussed rubber exhaust hoses, we also offer a complete line of accessories to make sure your system is as safe and effective as possible.

  • Tailpipe Adapters
  • Splice Connectors
  • Y-assemblies
  • Door Ports
  • Elbows
  • Overhead Connectors

Beneficial Features of Rubber Exhaust Hose

At Crushproof Tubing Company, we meet your requirements to the fullest when it comes to the extraction of exhaust fumes for stationary vehicles and vehicles in motion. Our rubber exhaust hoses have gained popularity owing to the following beneficial features:

  • With 2″- 6″ standard sizing, garage exhaust hoses are ideal for overhead, underground, or on the floor installation.
  • Designed to offer outstanding external abrasion resistance, these rubber exhaust hoses work in a temperature range from -70 to 2000 F.
  • Our range of automotive shop exhaust hose is crushproof and crack resistant.
  • They are designed in such a way to allow easy handling and movement across the targeted location.
  • Their fabric and wire designs are both lightweight and flexible.
  • Due to the simplicity in construction, Crushproof Tubing garage exhaust hoses require almost no or minimal maintenance.
  • They do not require permanent and binding installation in workplaces as they are easy to install and uninstall.
  • They assure years of performance.
  • Our fabric and wire exhaust hoses are manufactured to handle the bending and coiling requirements for overhead systems.
  • 11ˊ hoses can be connected easily. A single garage exhaust hose can be replaced, and for that, you don’t need to replace the entire garage exhaust hose system.

Applications of Rubber Exhaust Hoses

Crushproof Tubing’s high-quality garage exhaust hoses transfer hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions from service areas. By investing in such a cost-effective and versatile exhaust system you can create a cleaner and healthier work environment and prevent significant long-term health risks and respiratory problems associated with continuous carbon monoxide exposure. Our exhaust hoses are chosen by the facilities all over the world, including:

  • Public works garages
  • Mass transit servicing areas
  • Vocational schools
  • Truck and heavy equipment repair
  • Military repair services
  • Airport servicing areas
  • Auto dealers
  • Fleet maintenance garages
  • Fire department or emergency medical services (EMS)

If you are looking for the finest quality car exhaust hoses or garage exhaust hoses for your application, make sure you approach a reliable manufacturer and exhaust tubing supplier to source the item. With many years of experience working with every industry, Crushproof Tubing’s name is widely established in the marketplace as a trusted manufacturer of exhaust systems. We have 70 years of experience in solving exhaust removal challenges for every kind of application imaginable.

NEW!!! LightScope 643. At just 19lbs, it is a lightweight, durable, out-of-the-box telescoping exhaust hose solution that installs in minutes to your existing overhead system.