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Only 5 Steps to Get a FREE Sample for Your Project.

We look forward to your inquiry! It only takes 2 minutes to get a free, custom sample.

This form is a quick and easy way to tell us about your project requirements, please fill out as much information as possible so we can best serve you. Once submitted, you’ll hear from us shortly to discuss drawings,samples, and costs so that we can provide you a solution. Remember, with no tooling charge and free, custom samples, you have nothing to lose! We're happy to help start-ups and new projects get off the ground, and that's what this process is for. However, if all you will ever need is one or two parts, then we probably aren't for you.

    • Project Type & Special Features
    • Hose Type
    • Length & Diameter
    • Cuff Size & Wall Thickness
    • Additional Information

    Project Type & Special Features

    Tell us about what the part will be used for. We don’t need trade secrets here, just an idea of wether you’re trying to move hot air, cold water, protect a critical assembly, or stretch along a piston with bellows. If you need it to stretch, how much? If it's in extreme cold or heat, or exposed to acid or oil, just let us know so we can better serve you!

    Hose Type

    Please let us know what kind of material we should use for your parts. If you aren't sure, that's no big deal! We'll be happy to help you figure out what you need for your project later on.

    Rubber Type

    What type of convolutions are you looking for? We make parts that can fit almost any need! Take a look at the images and descriptions below, and if you still aren't sure, just let us help you determine what would work best!

    Hose Style

    • Annualar Spaced
    • Spiral Spaced
    • Annualar Stretch
    • Spiral Stretch
    • Corded
    • Compress Corded

    Length & Diameter

    How long does the tube need to be? Please enter the length, in inches or millimeters (just be sure to tell us which) you would like the entire tube to be. (example: 5" or 127mm)

    How big the inside of the part has to be, in inches or millimeters. We can make almost anything between 3/8” and 6” with our stock tooling! We'll talk about the cuff diameters next.

    Cuff Size & Wall Thickness

    What are the length and ID of each cuff? For each end of the tube, we provide an integrated cuff for leak-free attachment to a variety of materials. The ID of the cuffs can be the same or larger than the overall ID, so you can have a 2" ID cuff on a 1.5" ID tube, but you can't have a 3" ID cuff on a 4" ID tube. Cuff length, or no cuff at all, can be whatever you like, within reason.

    How thick do you want the wall of the part to be? We can go from .047" on smaller ID tubes and .125" and up for larger ones. If you aren't sure what you need, that's okay. We'll help you figure it out later!

    Additional Information

    How many of these parts would you order per year? We can make thousands of parts at a time, and we can do custom runs on pretty low volumes depending on the part. We work with start-up projects for R&D work all the time, so we have programs in place to help get you off the ground as well! However, if all you will ever need is one or two parts, then we probably aren't for you.