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Are you a manufacturer having trouble finding the right part for your application? Our Build a Hose online design tool can get you full custom parts with free samples at off-the-shelf pricing. The video here educates you on the benefits of building a hose using this tool. Be it breathing air hose, custom bellows, or […]

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Introducing Crushproof Tubing Co

Since 1949 Crushproof Tubing Company has been manufacturing rubber garage exhaust hoses and accessories along with customized OEM parts. Our custom capabilities have resulted in a very diverse customer base that uses our products for everything from breathing safety to fluid handling to protective bellows and sleeves. As an organization we are committed to quality, […]

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Crushproof Tubing Flex Flow

Flex flows flexible drainage systems – fast rapid installation installs in less than 45 seconds. Ideal for working in tight and confined areas.

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Crushproof Exhaust

Crushproof tubing company has been manufacturing garage exhaust Hoses and accessories since 1949 with 70 years of experience with vehicle emissions.

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Crushproof Tailpipe Adapters

High quality and heat resistant hoses and tubing are an essential aspect of fume extraction and exhaust extraction systems in garages, automotive workshops, industrial units, and so on. However, you cannot have an effective fume removal system without the proper connector to the exhaust pipe. Crushproof Tubing Company offers various types of tailpipe adapters which […]

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Crushproof Tubing Adapter Versatility

Crushproof Tubing Co. offers a wide range of exhaust hoses and adapters for vehicle repair services. Exhaust systems are an integral part of vehicle repair facilities. These systems are comprised of exhaust hoses and adapters, and can include other items such as Y connectors, splice connectors, door ports, elbows, and overhead connectors. Since all vehicle […]

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Crushproof Tubing Out the Door Solutions

Our hoses meet the challenge by being excessively engineered at an affordable price less expensive and more durable than wire reinforced hoses like the flare lock Series hose.

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Manufacturer Improves Customer Safety with Large Oval Bellows


There are few things that a manufacture fears more than a recall due to safety hazards. This particular application had two hydraulic hoses that created a pinch point that needed covered for safety reasons. The hoses also needed protected from the environment. Executive Summary: Crushproof Tubing Company has helped an industry leader to create a […]

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The Client Improves Jeep Safety with Snorkels


There are few things that Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts do such as going off-road in a 4×4 vehicle and driving around in mud and muck. Commonly referred to as “mudding,” this activity may affect the vehicle, if the engine isn’t properly outfitted. To ensure the safety of the vehicle, proper utilization of tires and ground clearance […]

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Certificate of Registration – ISO Cert


Crushproof Tubing has received the ISO Certification through 2017. Crushproof ISO Cert to 2017

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