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Crushproof Tubing Adapter Versatility

Crushproof Tubing Co. offers a wide range of exhaust hoses and adapters for vehicle repair services. Exhaust systems are an integral part of vehicle repair facilities. These systems are comprised of exhaust hoses and adapters, and can include other items such as Y connectors, splice connectors, door ports, elbows, and overhead connectors. Since all vehicle exhausts are not the same in size and shape, different exhaust hoses and adapters are required to build robust vehicle exhaust systems. We at Crushproof Tubing Co. offer high-quality exhaust hoses and adapters of different shapes, sizes, and specifications.

Types of Exhaust Hose Adapters Offered by Crushproof Tubing Adapters

Crushproof Tubing Co. offers a complete range of adapters to fit any vehicle on the market. The following are popular exhaust hose adapters offered by us.

    1. Wire Hose Adapters (WHA): Our wire hose adapters are designed to allow you to integrate our hoses, adapters, and fittings into your existing fabric and wire hose system.
    2. Oval Adapters: The oval-shaped adapters can be paired with oval exhaust systems. These are designed for wide exhaust pipes and twin pipes. The following are a few oval adapters available with us.
    3. o F1550: This is the widest oval exhaust hose adapter by Crushproof Tubing Co. This adapter is compatible with 3ʺ to 15.5ʺ oval twin pipes. It also fits well with 3ʺ to 4ʺ exhaust hoses, as its delivery end is narrow.
      o F675: This exhaust hose adapter is designed for extra-wide exhaust systems. This fits well with the exhaust system pipes of sizes 2.5ʺ to 10.5ʺ. The narrow delivering end can fit with 3ʺ to 4ʺ exhaust hose.
      o F575: These adapters are ideal for wide or twin exhaust pipes. These are compatible with 2.5ʺ to 7.5ʺ wide or oval twin pipes and hoses of 3ʺ to 4ʺ ID.
      o F475: These adapters are ideal for twin exhaust pipes. These oval adapters fit with nearly 3ʺ to 6ʺ of a cross-section.

    4. Round Adapters: Our range of round adapters are designed to work with straight hoses which are at least half-inch smaller than the diameter of the adapter. The diameters of these adapters remain consistent across the cross-section. The following are popular round adapters available in our inventory.
    5. o F700: These exhaust adapters feature 7ʺ opening and with grommets and tabs that can reduce the opening size. These hoses fit up to a 6.5ʺ round or equivalent oval shape of vehicle exhaust and our 3ʺ or 4ʺ exhaust hose.
      o F450: This adapter features 4.5ʺ uniform diameter. It is compatible with hoses of 4ʺ diameter.
      o F400: This adapter features 4ʺ uniform diameter and is compatible with hoses of 4ʺ diameter.
      o F350: This adapter features 3.5ʺ uniform diameter and it can perfectly fit hoses of 3ʺ or 4ʺ diameter
      o F300: This adapter features 3ʺ diameter and it is compatible with hoses of 2.5ʺ or 3ʺ diameter.
      o F250: This adapter features 2.5ʺ diameter and can be used with hoses of 2ʺ, 2.5ʺ, or 3ʺ diameter

    6. Bell Adapters: Crushproof Tubing Co.’s bell adapters are designed for adjustable fittings with snaps. Two types of bell adapters i.e.; RA300 and RA250 are available in this range.

Benefits of Crushproof Tubing Co.’s Exhaust Adapters

The benefits of exhaust hose adapters by Crushproof Tubing Co. are listed below.

• All our mentioned exhaust hose adapters are ISO 9001 certified and manufactured in the United States.
• At Crushproof Tubing Co. we can build custom exhaust tailpipe adapters based on our customers’ requirements.
• We provide exhaust hose adapters for tailpipes and stacks from 2ʺ to 12ʺ. Regardless of the shape of a vehicle exhaust pipe, the suitable size and shape of the adapter can be found in our range.

To know more about our exhaust solutions, please contact our team. We will be happy to assist you.