Medical Rubber Tubing and Hose

Crushproof® Tubing provides supplies external gas transfer and protective hoses for the medical industry. Our hoses are suited for carrying everything from oxygen to sensitive wiring bundles in both hospitals and veterinary clinics. We also make boots and bellows that fit hospital beds and wheelchairs to keep dirt and debris from damaging critical components. The products provided here are designed to perform in challenging environments, whilst meeting the requirements of stringent regulating standards in the health industry.

Products We Offer to the Medical Industry

All our products for the medical industry are proven to assure lasting performance in challenging environments. The following are just a few examples of what we can do:

  • Anesthesia Hoses
  • Protective Boot or Joint Covers
  • Medical Tubes for Vast Applications
  • Oxygen or Mixed Gas Hose
  • Protective Medical Sleeves
  • Stretchable Medical Tubes

Why Choose Crushproof® Tubing Hoses and Tubes for Medical Applications

Being engineered tough and made in the USA, Crushproof® Tubing products are suited for applications where lower quality hoses and tubes may fail. Here are some features and benefits to consider when comparing us to other medical hose suppliers:

  • Crushproof® Tubing hoses are designed to be crushproof, flexible, and cost-effective, and they can meet the rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry.
  • We can provide medical oxygen hoses in various materials to meet your requirements.
  • Our bellows, boots, and sleeves are both rugged and attractive, in addition to being custom fit to the application.
  • Made to withstand chemicals, gases, and other elements at medical facilities.
  • EPDM and butyl rubber hoses have immense popularity owing to their protective properties and durability.
  • HDPE is light, flexible, cost-effective.
  • Custom cuffing of these hoses and tubes enable superior connections than their non-cuffed counterparts and assure better safety and aesthetic appeal.
  • All our rubber medical tubing is easy to maintain because they remain unaffected by sterilizing agents and can be autoclaved.


Our ability to make small lots of custom parts makes building lower-volume medical equipment more profitable and cost-effective. The crushproof nature of our hoses makes them ideal for applications where a damaged hose is not an option.

Take advantage of our custom cuff feature that allows you to connect two different sized ports without the need for fancy adapters and fasteners. We can do all this at an amazingly low price. Let us prove it to you by offering a free custom sample based on your request through our Build-A-Hose form. You’ll have a custom sample and a quote in about a week!

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