Gas Mask Hoses

We at Crushproof® Tubing are proud to support our troops in any way we can, and we are fortunate to play an important role in keeping them safe. From gas mask hoses that protect against chemical weapon attacks to air intake hoses and bellows for their heavy equipment, we make parts critical to their safety and success. The products we offer are designed and manufactured to perform in the harshest of environments and exceed the performance requirements for the most demanding CBRN applications. When it matters most, count on Crushproof®

Products we Offer to the Defense Industry

Designed and fabricated to handle extreme situations, our breathing tubes and hoses contribute to successful military operations. Flexible, heat-resistant, permeation resistant, long-lasting, easy-to-use products we offer to the military industry include:

  • Bellows: Our design options are nearly endless. Whether for a small sensor or a huge piece of equipment, we can build it. Low volumes and even one-off parts are possible with our processes. Many options are tooling free. We can make bellows from rubber, plastisol, urethane, neoprene/nylon, and aluminum/fiberglass. Whether its just for dust and contaminant protection or to keep out corrosive liquids, we can help.
  • NBC/CBRN Compatible Breathing Tubes: Our breathing tubes are immensely useful for military personnel working in a hazardous environment. Manufactured from butyl and/or EPDM rubber, our NBC/CBRN compatible breathing tubes are offered in varied specifications to meet the requirements of each application.
  • General Purpose Breathing Tubes: Whether for basic safety, medical, or other light-duty applications, we have a line of light and flexible polyethylene tubes to meet your needs. They come in both fixed length and stretchable styles and can be made as thin-walled or rugged as the job requires.
  • Exhaust Hoses: Diesel engines are common in many military vehicles, and they emit poisonous carbon monoxide gas and other toxins that pose a serious health risk to military personnel. Crushproof® Tubing exhaust hoses are innovatively engineered to remove such hazardous exhaust emissions without the need for bulky and expensive ducting or fans in most cases, and with the durability that field use requires. We can provide green fabric and wire hoses, as well as crushproof rubber hoses in custom dimensions.
  • Inflation, Blower, Drain and Air Intake: Moving air or fluids is commonplace on bases. Our tubes can work in mobile HVAC installations, inside vehicles as an air intake hose, draining fluids from equipment, tanks, or reservoirs, or directing air to a portable satellite.
  • Protective Boot: This category includes shock, spring, joint, rod, or screw covers, as well as general protection on pinch points or sensitive equipment. We can make them from rubber, plastic, or plastisol, and in many diameters, shapes, and lengths to meet your needs.



Why Choose Crushproof Tubing Hoses and Breathing Tubes for Military Applications

For the most demanding applications, we offer features and solutions others can’t. Custom cuffing allows for superior connections than those made without cuffs, in terms of both safety and appearance. Our rubber parts are available with bend radii as low as zero, which is perfect for gas mask flexibility. Crushproof® brand hoses are available in various configurations to meet your specific needs, like wide temperature extremes, flame retardant, CBRN rated, crush-proof, oil resistant, or stretchable, to name a few. The other features that account for the popularity of our breathing tube and hoses include:

  • Ruggedly manufactured to withstand the test of time in underground, underwater, in the air, and in outer space applications.
  • Manufactured using the finest quality materials resistant to chemicals, nerve agents, acids, and other environmental concerns.
  • Be it green fabric and wire hoses or crushproof rubber hoses or other products like bellows, NBC/CBRN compatible breathing tubes, or protective boots, they all are designed to meet NATO AEP54 and NIOSH CBRN standards.
  • Built strong and are unbreakable if they are hit, compressed, or even driven over.
  • Manufactured in endless design possibilities with thin or thick walls, short or long, among others.
  • Easy to maintain and clean as they remain unaffected by sterilizing agents.


For custom parts at off-the-shelf prices, check-out our Build-A-Hose page to get your free, custom sample in about a week! We take great pride in providing high quality solutions to complex manufacturing problems at fair pricing. Please contact us today to speak with an expert.

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