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Introducing Crushproof Tubing Co

Since 1949 Crushproof Tubing Company has been manufacturing rubber garage exhaust hoses and accessories along with customized OEM parts. Our..

Crushproof Tubing Flex Flow

Flex flows flexible drainage systems - fast rapid installation installs in less than 45 seconds. Ideal for working in tight..

Crushproof Exhaust

Crushproof tubing company has been manufacturing garage exhaust Hoses and accessories since 1949 with 70 years of experience with vehicle..

Crushproof Tailpipe Adapters

High quality and heat resistant hoses and tubing are an essential aspect of fume extraction and exhaust extraction systems in..

NEW!!! LightScope 643

NEW!!! LightScope 643. At just 19lbs, it is a lightweight, durable, out-of-the-box telescoping exhaust hose solution that installs in minutes..