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Exhaust Solutions

Exhaust Hoses: Our standard line of EPDM Exhaust hoses

WHA Adapter: Our Wire Hose Adapter which allows Crushproof’s entire catalog of Tail pipe adapters to fit onto any wire and fabric hose

Exhaust Adapters: Our complete line of tail pipe adapters

Exhaust Kits: Our line of exhaust kits

Fabric & Wire Exhaust: Our reel hose solution

Specialty Exhaust: Our dynamometer, superflex, and diesel hose

MODOR: Our Multipurpose Overhead Drop or Reel hose

LS643: Our light weight telescoping system

OEM Solutions

OEM Catalog: Our capabilities for producing OEM hoses to your spec.

CBRN Breathing Hoses: Our Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear hose manufacturing capabilities .

Laundry Drain Hoses: Our Commercial Laundry hoses designed as a simple solution to standard PVC hard pipe.

Plastic Hoses: Our capabilities for plastic hose solutions

Specialty Bellows: Our solution for odd or specialty bellow needs.

Dip Molding: Our Dip Molding capabilities


Zebra Seeder Air Seed Tube: Our new air seeder hose for farm implements

Rubber Seed Tubes: OEM capabilities for manufacture of unique seed tubes

Standard Seed Tubes: Our in stock program from standard seed tubes

Farm Catalog: Our complete Farm Catalog


ISO certification

bbg.org certification