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Introducing Crushproof Tubing Co

Since 1949 Crushproof Tubing Company has been manufacturing rubber garage exhaust hoses and accessories along with customized OEM parts. Our custom capabilities have resulted in a very diverse customer base that uses our products for everything from breathing safety to fluid handling to protective bellows and sleeves. As an organization we are committed to quality, and our ISO 9001:2015 certification as well as significant investments in research and innovation speak to the fact that quality is part of our culture, not just a plaque on the wall.

Most of our custom designs can be made without additional tooling costs due to our unique processes. Even at lower volumes we can compete with molded part costs but without the up-front expense or risk of costs when a design needs to be updated. Our products are proudly made in the USA, and all our raw materials are sourced domestically. In other words, we provide a low-cost, customized solution, meeting high quality standards and all of that is done in the USA.

About Us

As an organization, we have evolved over the years and have made sure that our product offering is in tune with current market needs. With over 70 years of market presence, we have a lot to be proud of. Here are some of our achievements:

  • We manufactured the first ever crushproof garage exhaust hose for the automotive aftermarket, and we’ve never looked back.

  • Our hoses and tubing have found applications in special segments such as scuba diving and crucial sectors such as defense and medicine, aside from automotive.

  • Some of the other sectors we serve include agriculture, industrial equipment, construction, material processing, aerospace, and floor cleaning.

  • We specialize in making breathing safety equipment which helps keep our military and first responders safe.

  • We feel honored with the fact that our rebreather tubes were used during the rescue of the 12 soccer players and their coach who were stuck in a cave in Thailand.

We offer free custom samples in about a week and 30-day production lead times. We are focused on offering both superior quality products and service to our customers and have always strived to exceed their expectations. In case you have any questions or need to make an enquiry, we are available on phone or email.