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Are you a manufacturer having trouble finding the right part for your application? Our Build a Hose online design tool can get you full custom parts with free samples at off-the-shelf pricing. The video here educates you on the benefits of building a hose using this tool. Be it breathing air hose, custom bellows, or an air intake – you can request the sample hoses and receive them at your doorstep.

Benefits of Utilizing our Build a Hose Feature

  • We use your requirements to custom design and manufacture OEM hoses including breathing hoses and tubes, air intake hoses and tubing, driving rebreather and BC, farm tubes, custom hoses for military, medical, diving, and more.

  • It only takes two minutes to complete the form.

  • There are five steps involved in the hose design.

    • Project Type and Special Features: Let us know if the part is moving cold water, hot air, exposed to chemicals, or used to protect an assembly, to give you just a few examples. This will help us make sure that the part can withstand the extreme requirements of your application.

    • Hose Type: We provide hoses made of materials such as EPDM, nitrile, butyl, neoprene, and specialty materials. These hoses are available in convolution styles like annular spaced, spiral spaced, annular stretch, spiral stretch, corded, and compress corded. Each material and style offer different advantages and we are happy to tell you what we recommend if you aren’t sure.

    • Length and Diameter: Here you need to specify how long the hose needs to be and its inside diameter.

    • Cuff Size and Wall Thickness: The cuffs, or smooth ends, can be made to different lengths and diameters (as large or larger than the overall diameter). The wall thickness is really important in determining how the part feels and moves, as well as key metrics like gas permeation resistance and abrasion resistance.

    • Quantity: Tell us how many you need now and in the future or what your order volumes would be.

  • You can request a free sample by clicking on the end of the form.

  • There are low order minimums and generally no tooling or mold costs involved.

  • All hoses and accessories are made in the USA and nobody can beat our prices and quality.

  • Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements or for designing a flexible air intake hose or custom rubber hose using our tool. Our experts would be happy to help you.