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Crushproof Tubing’s Military Hoses: A Comprehensive Guide to Types and Features

The necessity for high-quality hoses in the military applications cannot be understated. These hoses ensure the effectiveness and operational readiness of military equipment in challenging environments, where failures can lead to fatalities. Crushproof Tubing offers military-grade hoses specifically designed to meet the most demanding CBRN-NBC application requirements. Crushproof offers heavy-duty tubing options in EPDM and butyl and lighter duty options made from LDPE and HDPE. What type of material and hose style to use is dictated by the job requirements, and below we review features and benefits of these options in detail.

Crushproof Tubing's Military Hoses

Overview of Different Military Hoses Offered by Crushproof Tubing

  • CBRN hoses: These hoses are specially designed complying with the CBRN guidelines and made from EPDM or butyl rubber. CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear agents, which means a tube must be resistant permeation by these toxins. The most commonly found on PAPR systems that are compliant with NATO AEP54 and NIOSH CBRN standards.
  • Air intake hoses: Anything with an engine needs fresh air, and Crushproof can make a wide range of custom intake hoses. With a wide range of design options, fitting your machine or vehicle with a custom solution is just a phone call or email away.
  • General Purpose Breathing Tubes: Crushproof Tubing offers general purpose breathing tubes that can be used for medical, safety, and several light duty applications. These tubes are made from flexible polyethylene material and offered in stretchable and fixed length styles.
  • Exhaust Hoses: The U.S military uses diesel engines in countless pieces of equipment, and they emit carbon monoxide gas and other toxins that pose a serious health risk to military personnel. Crushproof Tubing manufactures rubber exhaust hoses that can easily remove such hazardous exhaust emissions while being tough enough to survive in a military base maintenance shop. These hoses are durable and reduce the need for expensive and bulky fans or ducts in forward military applications.

Why Crushproof Tubing’s Military Hoses are Popular

Several features of these hoses make them ideal for military applications comprising extreme environment, cold, heat, smoke, and more. Here are some features that have contributed to the popularity of these military hoses.

  • Durability and ruggedness:Crushproof Tubing uses materials like EPDM and butyl rubber, making them both very flexible, yet rugged. These hoses have been successfully used in aerospace, marine, on-land, and subterranean applications.
  • Resistance to chemicals and corrosion:Military hoses are manufactured using the finest quality materials that can resist nerve agents, chemicals, and environmental factors.
  • Crushproof construction:Durability and reliability in challenging scenarios are important requirements for military hoses, and these are met perfectly by Crushproof Tubing’s military hoses. These hoses do not break easily even if hit, compressed, or driven over.
  • Low Maintenance:They are easy to clean and maintain, and aren’t affected by common sterilizing agents.
  • Endless customization options:These hoses can be manufactured in various short and long designs with thin and thick walls or small or large diameters.

The team at Crushproof Tubing feels proud and honored to be able to make hoses for mission-critical applications in military. With over 70 years of experience and American-made and an ISO 9001:20015 certified quality, Crushproof is a name you can trust. If you are an OEM in the military sector and need any of these hoses, feel free to contact us via phone or email. Alternately, if you are looking for custom parts at off-the-shelf prices, you can check-out our Build-A-Hose page. We can provide you custom sample within a week of ordering.

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