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Crushproof® Flush Mount Tailpipe Adapters: Why Automobile Repair Facilities Prefer Them?

Exhaust systems are an integral part of automobiles and are used to remove poisonous fumes from the vehicle. In automobiles or pickup trucks, these systems are mostly located towards its rear and feature several components. Exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, mufflers, exhaust pipes, and tailpipes are some important parts of an exhaust system. The tailpipes are connected to exhaust pipes and are designed to guide gases away from the automobile. Likewise; garage exhaust systems are a necessary safety feature for automobile shops, car inspection facilities, and fire stations. Garage exhaust tailpipe adapters serve as an interface between a tailpipe or truck stack and the garage exhaust hose.

Suction cup flush mount tailpipe adapter

Nowadays, automobile manufacturers are incorporating flush mounted tailpipes on their vehicles as a design feature. This new trend of flush mount tailpipes has been a nuisance and safety hazard for automobile repair facilities. The Crushproof® Tubing Company has developed a low-cost solution. It’s patented method of using a suction cup to ensure proper placement of a tailpipe adapter has gained immense popularity. What makes these adapters popular among automobile makers? Read the post to know more.


Beneficial Features of Crushproof® Flush Mount Tailpipe Adapters

There are several types of flush mount tailpipes prevalent on vehicles today. Crushproof® flush mount tailpipe adapters are valued for the following features:

  • These adapters allow users to service the vehicles with tailpipes integrated into their bumper.
  • The adapter uses a patented suction cup method to affix itself to the vehicle.
  • The adapter incorporates an adjustable rope ratchet system to properly align the adapter with the flush mounted tailpipe for proper exhaust fume removal.
  • These flush mount adapters can easily withstand exhaust temperatures up to 600°F when used with a fan-assisted system.
  • The adapter helps protect the garage exhaust hose; and is suited for single, twin, or wide oval tailpipes.
  • These tailpipe adapters are available in different sizes to meet diverse requirements.
  • They are the lowest cost solution in the industry.
All the above-discussed features and benefits of Crushproof® adapters have contributed to their easy acceptance in the market. Crushproof® Tubing Company is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of the world’s first crush-proof garage exhaust hose for the automotive industry. Today, it also offers rubber tubing and hoses for diverse industries such as agriculture, military, floor cleaning, oil, scuba, and so on.

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