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All You Need to Know About High Temperature Garage Exhaust Hoses

Rubber hoses are extensively used across industries for various purposes. Some heat resistant hoses such as high temperature rubber exhaust hoses are specially designed to function in hot environments and serve as an outlet for chemical fumes, smoke, steam, hot exhaust gases, and so on, depending upon the application. Garage exhaust hose systems are applicable in several areas. Cost-effective and durable car exhaust hoses help control the harmful effects of carbon monoxide emissions in vehicles. Exhaust tubing made of rubber is more efficient than that of plastic or metal. This post discusses the design, function, and benefits of heat resistant hoses used in garage car exhaust ventilation systems and more.

high temperature exhaust hose

Details About Specific Exhaust Hoses

As long as high temperature rubber exhaust hoses are used within the set or recommended temperature and pressure limits, they offer amazing efficiency and guarantee long operational life. The set limit for both these parameters of pressure and temperature will vary depending upon the type of fluid or gas the hose is used for. There are high temperature diesel exhaust hose reels which offer ventilation in garages, automotive repair centers, and fire departments. Automotive shop exhaust hose reels can be mounted on ceilings or walls and connected to the main or central exhaust system.

Factors to Consider When Buying Heat Resistant Hoses

Deciding on the type of hose would largely depend on your application; however, there are other parameters as well. Here are a few factors you should consider when deciding on the type of hose you want to buy:

  • Review the requirements for both the temperature and duration of exposure.
  • Ensure that the hose will handle the bending, coiling, and overall flexibility requirements. Many times this also includes not just the amount of flexibility, but also the frequency a hose can be flexed or coiled without doing damage.
  • Check the compatibility of the hose if you want to connect it to hoses, couplings, or adapters made by other manufacturers.
  • Check for the velocity, temperature, pressure, and flow rate of all the fluids and gases in your application and then you can decide on the parameters such as internal diameter, length of the hose, and so on. Friction loss can have a large impact on overall flow rates.

Beneficial Features of High Temperature Exhaust Hoses

Here are some of the benefits high performance exhaust hoses offer:

  • These extremely versatile and flexible exhaust hoses are usually designed to work in a temperature range from -70 to 2000 F.
  • Fabric and wire designs are both lightweight and flexible.
  • These exhaust hoses are designed to offer protection to the user from extreme heat such that the user does not have to inhale the toxic exhaust fumes.
  • The hose allows for easy handling and movement across the targeted location whether overhead or on the floor.
  • Rubber hose designs are crushproof and crack resistant.

If you are looking for a wide variety of hoses for your application, make sure you approach a reliable manufacturer and supplier such as Crushproof Tubing. They have a market presence of 70 years and are experts in a variety of rubber hoses and tubing for industrial applications. They can customize your existing hoses to a crushproof system which is easy to install, so retrofitting a system has never been easier.

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