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Secure your Breath with High Quality Breathing Air Hoses

Breathing air hoses (or tubes) are the simplest, yet the most crucial element that helps to protect the user’s respiratory systems from inhaling hazardous air, gases, or fumes when working in hazardous environments.  Breathing air hose, which is an imperative element in almost all breathing apparatus systems, helps to protect from particulate contaminants, gaseous or vapor contaminants, and oxygen deficiency and so on. However, these critical breathing air hoses and tubes are usually put to applications in worst industrial conditions and are often dragged and snagged. This results in premature failure of the product, failing to provide the users with adequate protection from worst chemicals and contamination. Even a small damage makes the breathing air hose useless and ineffective to use. How can the users prevent such damages? Let’s discuss the same in the post.


Typical Damages Caused to Breathing Air Hose

Before heading towards discussing the ways to prevent breathing air hose damage, it is imperative to have a look at the typical failures, which the hoses are subjected to. The following are a few amongst the common failures:

  • Weakening of the wall of the breathing air hoses due to the pipework damage.
  • Hose tail that pulls out of the hose due to incorrect fitting of ferrule during the assembly.
  • Breathing air hose connectors or couplings come apart from the hose tail.
  • Cracking of hose tail fitting. This is often caused due to over tightening of the fittings. The cracking can result in leakage.
  • Bursting of the hose, which majorly happens when it exceeds its service life.
  • Cut or damage in the inner tube of the hose due to lack of lubrication.
  • Swelling and delamination in the inner tube of the hose.
  • Numerous blisters on the hose over.

Breathing Air Hose - Build your custom hose

Tips to Avoid Failures to Breathing Air Hose

Most of the aforementioned failures can be avoided to a greater extent by keeping in mind the following points.

  • Always ensure that you get the item from a leading breathing air hose manufacturer whose products are in compliance with international standards.
  • As a user, you must ensure the proper use of the product. It must be used correctly specified for the environment to be used in. Make the right selection amongst the several options available and use it appropriately after analyzing the application environments.
  • Ensure that the hose is properly assembled as per the manufacturer’s guideline by a professional. It has been noticed that most of the failures are the result of improper assembly.
  • With proper inspections and preventive maintenance, most of the failures can be prevented to a great extent. As a user, you must ensure that the hose is subjected to close examinations, so that damages can be detected at the early stage. This in turn helps you to rectify it before becoming worse.
  • Maintaining the hose as per the manufacturer’s guidelines is critical considering the severity of the usage. With proper maintenance, the users can fully exploit the product throughout their complete lifespan.

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