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How to Select a Closed Circuit Rebreather Hose

Sea and beaches have always fascinated adventure seekers, and most people like to play or swim in seawater or indulge in adventure sports on its surface. For more adventurist types, advancing technology has improved the functionality and lowered the cost of “silent diving,” another name for “closed circuit rebreathers,” or just “rebreathers” for short. A critical part of that system is a closed circuit rebreather hose which carries fresh air to your mask and exhaled air to a filtration system on your back that absorbs carbon dioxide. This closed loop, or circuit, prevents any bubbles from leaving while in use, making it better for getting up close to marine wildlife and keeping a clean view of what is around you. It is very important that these high-performance tubes be durable, flexible, and can be disinfected.

Closed Circuit Rebreather Hose
Closed Circuit Rebreather Hose

Details About Rebreather Hoses Discussed

In addition to recreational users, there are professional, tactical, and military divers who need to go deeper and stay down longer than traditional SCUBA gear allows for. The depths and duration of a rebreather dive make user comfort and overall hose performance much more critical. Convoluted, or ribbed, rubber tubing is the gold standard for the industry and is also used on buoyancy compensators as well. Stretchable tubing can be more comfortable to wear, but when filled with gas underwater it may want to float and wander if it is not properly controlled. For that reason, the most common solution is a fixed length design that has just a bit of give to it for user comfort. EPDM rubber is the gold standard for price and performance because it can hold up to water, light, ozone, and common disinfectants and can even be boiled or steam cleaned due to its high temperature resistance.

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