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Increasing the Lifespan of Garage Exhaust Hoses

Outfitting your garage or dealership with garage exhaust hoses can be a sizable investment. By taking the time to pick the correct size and style of hose, you will ensure that you get the best value for your money. Garage exhaust hoses can be separated into two major categories; 100% synthetic rubber or wire reinforced hose made with materials ranging from fabric to silicone. Regardless of which style is chosen, they are typically available with inside diameters ranging from two inches to six inches.

If the wrong size is chosen, the end user may run into heat issues which can shorten the life of the hose. Most garage exhaust hoses on the market will handle temperatures up to 600°F when used with a fan assisted system (before making a decision, the temperature range needs to be verified with the manufacturer). If a hose is chosen that has too small of an ID, the friction of the large volume of the exhaust will actually increase the temperature of the exhaust and cause the hose to become brittle. The appropriate sizes for typical applications are listed below:

  • 2” ID: Suitable for small cars and motorcycles
  • 2.5” ID: Suitable for average size cars
  • 3” & 3.5” ID: Suitable for average size gas cars and light-duty trucks
  • 4” ID: Suitable for large gas cars and gas or light-duty diesel trucks
  • 5” ID: Suitable for large gas or diesel trucks
  • 6” ID: Suitable for large diesel trucks.

Choosing the correct style is also critical in ensuring you get the longest life out of your garage exhaust hose. Wire reinforced garage exhaust hoses are perfect for reel applications. However, they do have an issue when the hose is primarily used on the floor. Due to the wire construction, it is quite probable that the hose will eventually be crushed by being run over or stepped on. The hose is usually rendered useless at this point. Rubber garage exhaust hoses are perfect for floor applications. Due to their construction of 100% synthetic rubber, they can be run over or stepped on and will easily bounce back to shape. The one drawback of rubber garage exhaust hoses is that they are not ideal for reel applications. The primary issue is that the hose will not hold its shape when on the reel. The ideal reel hose is one that adds the best of both worlds. A wire reinforced section that will be on the reel or up in the air with a rubber section of hose added to the end of it to handle the abuses of being on a garage floor.

If the correct garage exhaust hose is chosen and used properly, the lifespan should be at least ten years. To get the longest life out of your garage exhaust hose/investment, it is imperative that you choose the right size and style.

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