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Know the Importance of Air Intake Hose and Tubing

Even as electric vehicles grow in popularity, the existing and new fuel-based vehicles are certainly not going to vanish from the roads anytime soon. They, as well as many industrial machines, require air intake hoses to properly function. Getting the right hose is critical for peak performance, and many times it can be hard to fit inside a tight compartment or connect to two different end sizes. These complex challenges call for customized solutions, and we will help you walk through those options.

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Common Air Intake System Components:

  • Cold air intake: Inlet for fresh, oxygen-rich air that the engine uses to properly operate and increase horsepower.
  • Engine filter: This filter offers clean air to the engine so that the engine functions well even when used continuously. Clean air increases the operational life and reduces wear and tear. On the other hand, if any contaminants enter the engine, it may clog and lead to engine failure. It may also increase the emissions and in turn the environmental footprint.
  • Blower: Draws air in through the intake and filter and pushes it into the air intake hose.
  • Air intake hose: Transfers filtered air into the engine.

What to Look for When Buying Air Intake Hoses?

  • An air intake hose ensures there is enough clean air and oxygen being supplied to the engine.
  • Proper shape or flexibility so that it fits well into the engine compartment while still maintaining good flow characteristics.
  • Material that can handle the temperature cycles and exposure to the under-hood environment.
  • Minimizes the need for adapter and transition pieces to reduce total assembly time and cost.
  • Allows for some vibration isolation to minimize the damage from vibration to sensitive components.

If you are looking for air intake hoses for your air intake system, ensure you source them from experienced manufacturers and suppliers. Crushproof Tubing Company is one of the leading players making flexible intake tubing including rubber air intake hoses for a wide range of applications including generators, machinery, golf carts, automotive applications, cooling systems, and so on. These hoses can be availed in custom lengths, cuff IDs, and material options to meet almost any need.

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