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Rubber Tubing vs. Plastic Tubing: Why should you care?

How much does your company spend in replacing plastic tubing on a yearly basis? Every year, companies just like yours spend thousands of dollars to replace worn, brittle plastic hoses. If those hoses are an integral part of your operations, you have the added expense of down time and repair costs. While lighter in weight and cheaper, is the end cost really worth it?

There is a better solution. Rubber materials like EPDM, nitrile, neoprene, and butyl, can outperform plastic materials in many applications. Our Crushproof tubing is made of these durable rubber materials and can be custom made to match almost any existing hose. The result is that our rubber is more flexible, durable, and longer lasting than most plastics, and ours is quite literally “crush-proof” because they cannot be broken. The Crushproof forming process allows our tubes to be made of one material without any seams, which provides superior longevity in environments with temperature cycling where different materials can separate due to expansion and contraction differentials over time. Applications that utilize high cycle rates can cause failure in many plastic tubes, but Crushproof rubber is generally forgiving in those cases. The flexibility of plastic tubes can be contingent on a thin walled material, whereas rubber can be made quite thick and still retain good flexibility. Our Hoses can be made to order to just about any specification, even at low volume, and in any quantity you might want. By spending a little more on a rubber hose, how much could your company save long term?

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