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Reasons to Use a Custom Breathing Safety Hose

Airborne contaminates come in many forms and are found in many working environments. Because of this, there are many types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to protect people from these dangers. Some common classifications of these systems are CBRN, CCR, SCBA, and PAPR. The hoses that move air through these systems are available in various materials, lengths, and diameters, and hence it is best to customize it as per the application requirements. A custom air safety hose should be durable, flexible, and leak-proof to ensure that the user is protected from damage to the hose during active use.

Breathing Hose

Importance of Breathing Safety Hoses

As the name implies, breathing air hoses are used in respiratory systems and help prevent any contaminants or particulate matter from entering the system. All hoses are not the same, obviously, but subtle changes can have a large impact on performance and longevity. Will the hose need to be resistant to corrosion, heat, vibration, cracking, pressure, certain gases, or chemicals? Whether it is for a medical, industrial, or military application, regular use may cause wear and tear over time which would make them unfit for use. Hence, it is crucial to select the right material which can withstand this environment and to carry out periodic maintenance and inspection of these air hoses to ensure their working condition. This also helps increase their operational life.

If you are looking for the right gas mask hoses or breathing air hoses for your application, ensure you source them from a reputable supplier with experience in the breathing safety business. Crushproof Tubing is one of the known players making flexible breathing hoses and tubing for use in various sectors including diving, medical, military, and industrial. The company provides rubber or plastic hoses capable of solving a wide range of design challenges. These hoses can be made in custom lengths, cuff IDs, and so on with near zero bend radius design options.