Specialty Bellows

If it looks like a bellows, we can make it. Need 3 or 3,000? We can help. Need a zipper? We can do that too. Need it high temp or low temp? Yes and yes! When you work with Crushproof you get access to every manufacturing style available and an experienced team ready to solve […]

Air Seeder Hose

Our Zebra Seeder air seeder hoses set the standard in value and performance. Our air seeder hose is made from a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) blend that creates a fast-flowing, abrasion resistant, low coefficient of friction interior with a UV-resistant and durable exterior. They are also very flexible, making installation a breeze. All our common […]

Flexible Plastic Tubing and Hose

Polyethylene has been effectively used in various industrial and engineering components for decades now. It offers many benefits such as corrosion resistance and durability and a great option where transfer of materials, gases, or fluids is required. Crushproof Tubing is an experienced manufacturer of a variety of plastic tubes and hoses and has been in […]

Dip Molding Process Bellows

Dip molding is a process in which plastic components and parts are manufactured by dipping a heated metal mold into a tank of liquid polymer. The technique, which allows economical production of flexible and semi-rigid components, is popular in a wide range of industries. At Crushproof® Tubing, we can dip mold parts of all shapes […]

Fabric and wire exhaust

Fabric and Wire Exhaust Hoses When a lighter weight or higher temperature hose is required in your application, choose one of our high-quality fabric and wire hoses. There are different options to fit any exhaust application from reels to rails to pulley systems. It is important to review these applications with us to make sure […]


When you are looking for custom rubber bellows look no further than Crushproof® Tubing. We make the custom bellows you need at off-the-shelf prices. Our bellows have up to a 1:4 stretch ratio and provide chemical, heat, and oil resistance. With sixty years in the custom tubing market, we know how to design and manufacture […]

Medical Rubber Tubing and Hose

Crushproof® Tubing provides supplies external gas transfer and protective hoses for the medical industry. Our hoses are suited for carrying everything from oxygen to sensitive wiring bundles in both hospitals and veterinary clinics. We also make boots and bellows that fit hospital beds and wheelchairs to keep dirt and debris from damaging critical components. The […]

Gas Mask Hoses

We at Crushproof® Tubing are proud to support our troops in any way we can, and we are fortunate to play an important role in keeping them safe. From gas mask hoses that protect against chemical weapon attacks to air intake hoses and air intakes and bellows for their heavy equipment, we make parts critical […]

Stretchable Drain Hoses & Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing provides drain hoses, tubes, and caps to some of the biggest names in the floor cleaning industry. We provide them with creative design solutions, great lead times, and low prices for their custom parts. The flexibility and durability are superior to plastic and offer a great value to the end user. Our custom […]

Farm & Seed Tubes

Crushproof® Tubing has been manufacturing grain, drill, and transfer farm and seed tubes for the agriculture industry for almost 50 years. We have tubes that fit all the big name equipment including some universal sizes that work in various machines and applications. Zebra Seeder Hose Our stretch hoses are more flexible than plastic and work […]